The module depends on Jpype1 and optionally regex. Both need access to a compiler for installation, if installed with pip.

the regex module is used to parse the ORACLE connection configuration (tnsnames.ora). If you do not intend to access ORACLE through the settings of this file, the module may be ignored.

Operating Systems


The module may in installed in a python virtual environment, for example like:

virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /usr/bin/python3 $HOME/my_virtual_envs/jdbc
source $HOME/my_virtual_envs/jdbc/bin/activate

The module can be installed with pip from github:

pip install git+

Alternatively the repository may first be cloned:

git clone
cd lwetl
pip install .


Note 1: The module depends on Java. Make sure that the JVM and Python are both of the same type, eiter 32 bits, or 64 bits. Only the 64 bits version has been tested:

Note 2: the lwetl package depends on the module cryptography, which depends on openSSL.

pip install git+
pip install regex


The module depends on the following packages:

Tests in the tests directory are based on pytest, whichalso requires: pytest-html, pytest-metadata, and pytest-progress.

Documentation in the docs directory is based on Sphinx and the read the docs theme.

Developers, who want to use the utility function in the main directectory of the source code, should also install GitPython.